Orthodox Русский бар
Heading our own direction. Believing in the right cause.
Rubinstain st, 2
temporarily closed
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We strive to crush the stereotypes about the Russian alcohol and create a contemporary drinking culture of our Motherland. The name ORTHODOX is a reflexion of a sincere faith in doing the right thing, especially important due to the current interest to learn about our origins and the native tastes.

The prominent figures of Russian art — artists, poets, writers and composers — inspired our Chef barman Dmitrii Suvorov to create 20 cocktails. Each menu section is named after a famous person. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky will get the night going with the heroic "Nutcracker" based on the buckwheat vodka and medovukha, then he will play "The Sleeping Beauty" made with Russian sparkling wine and soothing chamomile liqueur for those whose heart longs for some lyrics. Alexander Alexandrovich Blok will suggest to have all the four components of his famous poem "The Night", "The Street", "The Streetlight", and "The Apothecary". And our national pride, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, who lived just around the corner, will introduce you to his works by pouring a glass of Muscat chacha with elderflower.
Each cocktail is a true piece of art created by our bartender.
Drinks and Food
We make cocktails, serve strong alcohol and Russian wines. Be sure to order the appetizers!

We’re in the heart of Saint Petersburg.
Rubinsteina st, 2 (turn to the yellow arch).
Saint Petersburg
Rubinsteina st, 2
temporarily closed
+7 812 928 02 21